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Week 36 and all the Multiples with Angelique Moore

Congratulations, Mama! Welcome to week 36 of your pregnancy! Your little one is nice and comfy in her little gestational cocoon, and her blood circulation has been perfected and her immune system has developed enough to protect her from infections outside the womb. Baby measures somewhere between 18-19 inches long and is around 6 pounds.

You should be experiencing a “lightening” feeling when baby drops down into your pelvis. This relief will allow you to take bigger, deeper breaths and you can probably eat a little more than you're used to. With baby dropping down into your pelvis, your hip and pelvis pain may increase. Try getting a belly sling to help alleviate the pain and keep your tummy supported.

Is your nursery set up how you want it? Make sure to tune in next week for tips on making sure you're ready for baby with your nursery setup!

This week on the podcast we are interviewing Angelique Moore

Angelique Moore is a life and relationship coach, Army Veteran and women’s advocate. She has been mentoring women in powerful positions for over 20 years around the world. She has developed a range of hugely successful workshops, presentations and special programs that have touched the lives of thousands of people across the globe. Her signature program, Love; H.E.R. (heal, evolve, rediscover) takes women on an emotional wellness journey to heal from the past and live life as the best versions of themselves, purposeful! She attended Northcentral University’s Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s program and has a passion for people and improving relationships through communication. Angelique is the mother of 5 beautiful children, 1 son (22) and 2 sets of fraternal twin girls (8 and 18).

Connect with Angelique on her website and Instagram.

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