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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Month

Throughout October, we remember all the babies in heaven who didn't have a chance to grow old in this world. It is a month of reflection and sadness as parents reminisce on what could have been, but also hope that we can overcome the tragedy.

In honor of our lost little loves, The BumpCast has teamed up with The Pregnancy Concierge to bring you an interview with Kaci McGuire from Queen Bee Fertility.

During this special episode of the podcast, we discuss the importance of preparing holistically for pregnancy to give your body and your pregnancy the best chance for success, pregnancy loss, as well as postpartum care and the importance of surrounding yourself with a support system in all stages of motherhood, loss, and life.

More than anything, it's really important to give yourself grace. Too often, we mamas put so much blame on ourselves and many times, theres not much we could have done to prevent the tragedy.

Please visit Kaci's website:

If you're going through a loss and would like the list of resources Kaci mentions in the interview, please email her at:

You can also connect with Kaci and Queen Bee Fertility on Social Media:

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