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Week 11 and Interview With Annie Schlecht, Sleep Consultant

Welcome to week 11 of your journey, mamas!

For week 11, your baby is the size of a fig or lime this week, which is around 1 1/2 inches long. His bones are starting to harden and his little hands can make a fist. His head accounts for about half the length of his whole body.

Baby is moving, stretching, kicking, and dancing, already, but you won’t be able to feel it for a few more weeks. He’s also hiccuping now that his diaphragm is forming. Baby hiccups in the womb can feel a little weird once you can actually feel them. They feel like tiny rapid movements, like a twitch almost.

As for you, mama, your energy is likely returning. While not true with most pregnant mamas, most start getting energy back around now. You might still be nauseous which is exhausting enough, and constipation from hormone regulation might be a new ailment you’re suffering from. Try to drink plenty of water and eat fiber rich foods to keep your digestive system moving.

Annie Schlecht, Zen Sleep Consulting

Our interview this week is with Annie Schlecht of Zen Sleeping Consulting. There’s a wealth of knowledge from Annie Schlecht on pregnancy sleep tips, baby massage, Reiki sessions, and good sleep habits for babies and parents. She also has a webinar coming up that you do not want to miss!

Annie also mentions the program Dunstan Baby Language:

Connect with Annie at

Listen below:

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