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Week 37 and Blended Family Advice with Tracy Poizner

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Congratulations mama and welcome to week 37 of your pregnancy! Baby is about 19 1/4 inches long and weighs just under 6.5 pounds.

A few things to prepare this week: pack your diaper bag and install the car seat. If you’re having a hospital birth, the staff will typically check that your car seat is installed correctly when they discharge you, so avoid delays by making sure this is done.

Baby’s lungs and brain are growing and maturing rapidly in these last few weeks. So, when you feel like you just can’t be pregnant anymore and you’re completely over it, remember, baby still has some growing to do!

Things are getting snug inside your womb now, so baby can’t do as many summersaults or flips, but she should still be kicking often.

This week we are talking all about Blended families with the host and creator of the Essential Step-Mom podcast and The Spectacular Step Mom community, Tracy Poizner.

Tracy discusses how you can approach introducing a new baby into a blended family household and even touches on some of the fears and obstacles step moms that are moms-to-be can have during pregnancy and beyond. If you’re a step mom or re looking for tips on how to beat integrate a blended family, this episode is for you!

Connect with Tracy:

The Essential Step Mom Podcast

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