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Week 34 and Plus Size Birth with Jen McLellan

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Congratulations mama and welcome to week 34 of your pregnancy! Baby weighs in at 4.7 pounds and around 17.7 inches.

Did you know that your baby can hear your voice and recognize even your partner’s voice! states:

Some experts say that, after birth, babies can recognize songs mom sang while pregnant; they may even be more easily soothed by those familiar tunes once they're “on the outside.”

You may want to start thinking about your hospital stay (if that’s your thing) and make sure you’ve reviewed your birth plan with your health care provider so everyone is on the same page.

You’re going to start seeing your OB every week now, if that’s the route you’re going.

Everything is probably really swollen a lot of the time now. Laying flat can help with that, but for you mamas who can’t get regular rest throughout the day, at least take some time to stop and put your feet up on breaks and in the evenings. Light stretching when you wake up each morning can help your blood circulation and prevent swelling, and remember to drink lots of water.

This week we are interviewing Jen McLellan from Plus Size Birth. I got the chance to chat with Jen about making sure your health care provider is size inclusive and gets an overall picture of your health, as well as hearing the excellent advice that if your provider is rude, bias, or not giving you the care you feel you should get, it’s perfectly acceptable to fire them and find someone you work well with.

Jen McLellan is a certified childbirth educator, wife, and mother to a charismatic 8-year-old. She's the host of the popular Plus Mommy Podcast, published author, speaker, and founder of Plus Size Birth, the premier resource for all things plus size pregnancy. With over 4 million page views on her blog and 177,000 followers on Plus Mommy Facebook page, Jen is passionate about plus size pregnancy and navigating the bumps along the road of motherhood.

I loved chatting with Jen this week, and I can’t wait for you to hear all she has to share. Don’t forget to check Jen’s free resource on what to pack in your hospital bag!

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