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Week 31 and Ann Kaplan Interview (Part Two)

Congratulations, mama! Welcome to week 31 in your pregnancy!

With only nine weeks left to go, your baby is the size of a coconut! Measuring 16 inches and weighing in around 3.2 pounds, your little one is growing every single day! An extraordinary development: your baby’s brain synapses are also developing stronger every day. Baby is getting used to sleep cycles, including REM sleep, as well as developing his five senses.

When baby isn’t in dreamland, he’s very active. You can probably spot patterns of continuous movement and kicks by now. More than that, he’s hiccupping, swallowing, sucking his thumb, breathing, and pedaling his little hands and feet.

As for you, mama, can you breathe ok? Things are getting a little cramped inside your abdomen now and it can make you feel like your lungs are in your throat. That’s actually not too far off since your uterus can be about 4 inches above your belly button now, there’s nowhere for all your other organs to go, but up! Eat frequent small meals to avoid acid reflux or vomiting due to zero space for your food to go as it digests.

Your equilibrium is still a growing issue (pun intended) due to your growing belly. Things are off-centered and you may be feeling a little clumsy now. If you’re like me you’ve kind of always been clumsy, but might be even more so now. Take things slow so you avoid falls which could harm you and your baby.

This week we are airing the second half of our interview with Ann Kaplan, mom, birth educator and amazing woman!

During the remainder of our interview, Ann mentions a few birth positions and some great techniques you can tap into when you’re in the throws of labor. Also, don’t forget to check the show notes on for the free resource Ann is providing for YOU, the BumpCast listener on getting your kids to listen, the FIRST time!

Ann’s Freebie:

Connect with Ann:

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