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Week 30 and Interview with Doula and Birth Educator Ann Kaplan

Congratulations mama, and welcome to week 30 of your pregnancy!

This week your baby is about the size of a zucchini. Nearly 16 inches long and almost 3 pounds your baby continues to grow rapidly and he’s gaining about half a pound and a half an inch every week.

As for you mama you’ve got a whole slew of things going on.

You could be experiencing shortness of breath because after all there’s not much room for your lungs to expand these days. Heartburn which can sometimes be avoided by paying attention to what foods are causing it and staying away from those foods. You may be having trouble sleeping which leads to further fatigue and of course general discomfort due to your growing belly your aching back and your swollen feet.

But there is an end in sight. 10 weeks or less for most of you.

This week on the BumpCast we have part 1 of a two part interview with mom, doula, birth educator and mama mentor Ann Kaplan.

Ann Kaplan

Ann discusses all things pregnancy as well as answers all my questions about moving her family from Denver, CO to Spain!

Ann has also graciously provided BumpCast listeners with a freebie:

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