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Week 25 and Interview with Mama Alison Anderson

Congratulations, Mama and welcome to week 25 of your pregnancy!

This week, your baby weights about a pound and a half and measures close to 13 inches. With only 15 weeks to go, you’ll be holding your sweet pea in no time at all! Your baby’s skin is turning pinker due to small blood vessels forming under her skin and filling with blood. She’s on her way to let translucent skin. Her lungs are continuing to develop, too, but have a Long way to go before being ready to breath oxygen in the outside world. Baby’s nose is also preparing for air intake and her nose started working this week

As for you mama, things are starting to get weird. You may be experiencing hemorrhoids which are swollen, itchy veins in your rectum. These aren’t dangerous but can be uncomfortable, even painful at times. Your best bet at preventing hemorrhoids is to increase your water intake and fiber intake. Also, try doing Kegels and don’t strain too much when you poop. To make yourself more comfortable, you can apply an ice pack or witch hazel pads to the area. This, too, shall pass after pregnancy.

Another random pregnancy symptom is bleeding gums. Make sure you’re still brushing and flossing twice a day to prevent gingivitis. Gingivitis can eventually lead to a more serious gum infection that can cause premature birth so keep brushing and flossing, mama!

This week I’m interviewing Mama Alison Anderson.

Alison is a native of Manning, South Carolina. She graduated and commissioned into the Army from the Citadel in 2011. After graduation, she served on Active Duty in the Reserves and later worked for an identity protection firm on the civilian side.

In 2014 she moved to North Carolina to be with her now husband Bryan. While in North Carolina, Alison served in a local Army Reserve unit, worked for the Army Public Health Center, and has continually promoted outreach and community partnerships within military family programs.

Alison stepped away from her professional career in 2016 to focus on her family and her daughter, Emma, while tackling the ins and outs of life as a military spouse. In 2017, the Anderson family moved to Kentucky for Bryan's job with the military and then in 2018 the family moved again to New Jersey where Bryan is in school to earn his masters degree and they welcomed their second child, Myles.

You can connect with Alison on her Instagram page: @ali_aka_mama

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