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Week 27 and Mom Does it All with Marta Spirk

Congratulations mama and welcome to week 27 of your pregnancy!

This week your little one is the size of a cabbage(which is super fitting since we are releasing this on St Patrick’s Day!) at 14 inches long. Weighing in at around 2 pounds, your sweet babe can likely recognize both you and your partner’s voice from inside your womb.

Mama you're likely experiencing the late pregnancy swelling. While uncomfortable at times, it is completely normal for you hands to swell so much you can't get your rings off (I suggest using Windex to help) or for your feet and ankles to swell so much that you have to go up a half or full size shoe. I suggest getting some nice comfy slip on shoes, that way you don't have to bend over to tie them when your belly gets gigantic!

This week I'm interviewing mama and success coach, Marta Spirk. Marta is the host of the Mom Does it All Podcast and it was such a pleasure interviewing her. We both have tons of ideas and a passion for really helping moms live their best life.

Marta is an interpreter, a wife, a coach and a mom. She was born in Brazil and after having triplets, moved to Colorado with her husband and three little ones.

We have so much in common and both have too many plans and ideas and not nearly enough hours in the day to work on them all! Marta helps moms find purpose in life postpartum by identifying their passions and pursuing them without fear or guilt - because moms can DO IT ALL!

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